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Principles for the Digitization of Tax Affairs

Business at OECD celebrates its 60th anniversary

Celebrating 60 years of strategic cooperation with the OECD as the official voice of the private sector, leaders from our national business organizations from OECD countries representing over 7 million enterprises convened in Paris yesterday at a high-level Business at OECD (BIAC) event that brought together our global network and key government and OECD officials.

Peace for Food Report to Ministers

Working together, the public and private sectors can build secure, sustainable, productive, and resilient global food systems - our report to OECD Agriculture Ministers explores priorities for immediate and long-term action.

Business at OECD and ASEAN-BAC submit recommendations

Today, Business at OECD (BIAC) and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) formally issued a joint statement entitled “Connecting Regions: Partnerships for Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains” to the OECD and ASEAN Ministers and high-level participants during the OECD Southeast Asia Ministerial Forum in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, on 17-18 October.

Peace for Food – High Level Roundtable

Global stakeholders met in Paris this week to take stock of food markets in the context of the food crisis and to discuss which policies are needed to ensure progress in agriculture innovation and to tackle climate and sustainability challenges.
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We are an international business group and solutions partner bringing over 60 years of experience officially representing the private sector in all aspects of OECD policymaking.
We facilitate business-to-government dialogue in the pursuit of a growth-oriented, prosperous, and inclusive future.

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Our policy groups bring together business executives from over 55 countries and from different corporate functions at global levels. These groups collectively build positions on policy initiatives that the OECD and governments are addressing for international and local implementation.

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By the numbers

With over 60 years of experience connecting the business community with the OECD and its governments, Business at OECD (BIAC) advocates for policies that enable the private sector to pursue economic growth, development, and societal prosperity. Our global network spans over 55 national business and employer bodies that appoint multinational corporations and small businesses from all sectors into our strategic efforts with the OECD. We connect business and government representatives on a daily basis through strategic and policy meetings. We aim to shape OECD initiatives to promote competitive economies and better business for a sustainable future.

Why business leaders believe in our impact

"Over the years, we have provided business perspectives and thought leadership to the OECD through the active participation of our leading business and employer organizations—and the corporate representatives they appoint to our work. There is no better forum than the OECD to powerfully demonstrate that business is a dynamic solutions partner for international collaboration."


Charles Rick Johnston

Chair of the Executive Board, Business at OECD.

“Through our thought leadership, Business at OECD is taking concrete steps to ensure a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive growth opportunities. As an international business group, our partnership calls for removing obstacles and pursuing strategies that can produce stable benefits for the entire international community. ”


Emma Marcegaglia

Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Marcegaglia Holding S.p.A

"Business at OECD has real impact in policymaking at OECD and local levels: it brings business and governments together to move economic cooperation and development forward. In these turbulent times in which the world is also immersed in a profound digital, green, and social transformation, we need the strong voice that Business at OECD brings to steer international dialogue effectively.”


Alejandra Kindelán

Chair & CEO, Spanish Banking Association (AEB)

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