G20 Business engagement

Leaders of the world’s 20 major economies meet annually to tackle global challenges. The Business-20 Dialogue - together with our active involvement - provides the G20 with actionable policy proposals.

Business at OECD acts as a strategic network partner across the B20 and G20 Presidencies. Through this high-impact annual platform, we outline what international collaboration can tangibly do to drive economic growth and societal prosperity.

We are actively supporting the B20 and through our network partnership continue to participate in the Business-20 taskforces and action councils.

Connecting the OECD with the G20 and our business network

Follow our history as we host and connect the G20 with the OECD and leaders of the business community. 

Our 1st connector meeting in Sydney

Business at OECD participated in the Australian Business 20 Summit organized on 17 and 18 July 2014 in Sydney, where the recommendations of the business community for the Australian G20 Presidency were finalized. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott addressed 400 business leaders stressing the vital role of the private sector for a more sustainable global recovery.
Among the highlights in Sydney was a breakfast meeting we convened with OECD Secretary Angel Gurria and G20 business leaders, hosted by Business at OECD.
Participants were united in the expectation that the OECD will continue to play a major role as a knowledge partner of the G20 on efficient markets, competitiveness, and growth. 
B20 2015

The Turkish G20

Together with the OECD, we hosted a conference of the Business-20 taskforces in Paris on 2 June 2015 with over 250 business and government participants, including OECD Ministers, in attendance.


The Conference featured keynote speeches from then OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria, Business at OECD Secretary General Bernhard Welschke, and TOBB President Rifat Hisarciklioğlu. 


Leaders from the six B20 task forces presented their recommendations, followed with feedback from OECD Directors. Participants then engaged in an interactive online voting to prioritize recommendations.


Ali Karami Ruiz moderated the conference, and he emphasized the need for continuity across B20 and G20 presidencies.


We also held a Business Access to Global Value Chains and Financing SMEs conference, which brought together representatives from government, finance, and business. 

china 2016 web2

The Chinese B20

Together with the OECD, we hosted the Chinese B20 meetings of task forces, exchanging interim results of the B20 and preparing for the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Hangzhou in September. Over 450 business delegates attended these meetings, which included our special plenary session where business,  government, and OECD leaders exchanged views on the importance of business-government dialogue to help achieve G20 impact.
We ensured continuity in the B20 process by actively participating in all B20 task forces. We also shared positions that were influential in shaping the B20 agenda across themes, and by facilitating meetings with the OECD leadership and governments in Paris.

The German B20, showing leadership on global health

In 2017, Business at OECD continued its broad engagement with the German B20. We worked closely with our German members BDI and BDA, and participated in all German B20 taskforces.
At the B20 Summit in Berlin, we addressed participants, highlighting tangible ways to promote competitive markets, trade, and investment. The B20 recommendations were handed over to the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and several Ministers, who also spoke at the event.
We also moved the needle on health, where we organized together with the German B20 a Health meeting in Berlin in May 2017 that featured the active participation of the German and Argentinian Health Ministers. 

The Argentinian B20

In 2018, we partnered with our observer organization UIA as they took the lead of the Argentinian B20. 
Furthering our role as network partner, we organized the 4th annual meeting bringing together the G20 Presidency, the OECD, and our business leaders and stakeholders. 
B20 japan

The Japanese B20

In 2019, we actively participated in the Japanese G20 and B20 presidencies, and hosted our 5th annual platform event through a highly interactive format. Business, G20, and OECD leaders gathered in a "townhall" style setup, and exchanged recommendations with high-level speakers. 
The then Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister, CEO of ANA Holdings, and OECD Secretary General all spoke at the event. 

The Saudi B20

Despite Covid-19 challenges, our partnership with the G20 and Business-20 went further, and we successfully organized our annual platform in a fully virtual format. 

b20 2021 web

The Italian B20

In 2021, we leveraged our hybrid connectivity: we organized our annual platform event featuring the participation of various Italian and G20 Ministers together with business leaders from various corporate sectors. Our Chair Rick Johnston also addressed the G20 and B20 at the B20 Italy in Rome in October 2021.

BIAC B20 Indonesia

B20 Indonesia

In 2022, the B20 Summit embraced the theme of 'Advancing Innovative, Inclusive and Collaborative Growth' in support of the G20 theme 'Recover Together, Recover Stronger.'
Building on our close engagement with the rotating B20 presidencies, we have continued our cooperation with the B20 this year, serving as a Network Partner for the Indonesian Presidency.

B20 India

In 2023, B20 India has identified priorities for deliberations under the theme “R.A.I.S.E – Responsible, Accelerated, Innovative, Sustainable, and Equitable Businesses.” The B20 India 2023 activities officially kicked off with the Inception Meeting in January 2023, which our Chair Rick Johnston addressed, and will culminate with the B20 India Summit, which will take place on 25-27 August 2023. Based on our long-standing cooperation with previous B20 Presidencies, we work closely with CII, B20 India Secretariat, to contribute to the success of the B20 India.