Driving Digital Policy

Constant innovation and dynamic working environments have become central for many business models in OECD countries. In this context, Business at OECD is an engaged and forward-thinking business association committed to shaping the future of the digital economy for a thriving future. As a collective of industry leaders, innovators, and technicians, our goal is to create an enabling environment that fosters innovation, growth, and responsible practices for digital technologies. The digital economy is leading global progress in a fast-paced and interconnected world and the private sector remains committed to shaping the future of the digital economy through policy advocacy, thought leadership, and collaboration.

Focus Areas


1. Artificial Intelligence


james-yarema-E-CdfbrnnFs-unsplashHarnessing the transformative power of AI is crucial for driving economic growth and societal progress. Business at OECD work on AI analyses the latest developments and trends in the field while proposing related policy recommendations. We actively engage with policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to promote responsible AI deployment, ethical considerations, and the benefits of AI-driven innovation across industries.










2. Privacy and Data Protection



Safeguarding user privacy and ensuring robust data protection are paramount in the digital age. Business at OECD explores cutting-edge practices, regulations, and initiatives in privacy and data governance within the private sector. We advocate for comprehensive frameworks that strike a balance between empowering individuals with control over their data and fostering innovation that leverages valuable insights.









3. Immersive Technologies and the Metaverse



Immersive technologies represent a new frontier in digital experiences, blending virtual and physical realms seamlessly. Business at OECD work dives into the exciting possibilities and challenges of this emerging landscape. We work closely with industry leaders and policymakers to shape metaverse policies that prioritize inclusivity, user empowerment, and responsible growth.








4. Data Governance and Ethics


Effective data governance frameworks are essential for building trust, ensuring fair data practices, and facilitating innovation. The work of Business at OECD explores the evolving landscape of data governance, including cross-border data flows, data localization, and data sovereignty. We advocate for policy frameworks that strike a balance between facilitating data-driven innovation and protecting individual rights.

Our Active Digital Projects


Artificial Intelligence Privacy for Immersive Technologies and the Metaverse


dreamstime_m_106194677The immersive technologies and the metaverse promise a new environment where individuals will work, live, connect, and collaborate online. Consumers and companies are having new experiences through immersive technologies such as virtual learning, immersive online socializing, telemedicine and even artistic collaboration. Tapping the full potential of this new environment and related technologies calls for coherent policies supporting a safe and secure, which respects the privacy of individuals.

In that context, Business at OECD is pursuing a project exploring the extent to which immersive technologies pose unique privacy and data protection issues, and how they can be addressed in the context of the OECD Privacy Guidelines.

Privacy and Data Protection Impact of Government Access to Personal Data Held by Private Sector Entities



The increased interconnectedness of national economies in the last decades coincides with the growing volume, value, and power of data driving new business models and economic and societal development. The efforts of the OECD to deliver principles around government access to personal data held by private sector entities are critical to ensuring data-free flow with trust among countries with shared values.

In conjunction with this effort, and in support of operationalizing data free flow with trust, Business at OECD is leading work to gather evidence on the impact of government access to personal data held by the private sector and related data localization measures on businesses. The research complements several events allowing different stakeholders to exchange on the challenging but critical issue.



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