For current business members

As one of our national business and employer organizations from OECD countries and beyond, you hold the key to ensuring our collective advocacy and OECD deliverables reflect the business input and recommendations from the constituents that you bring to the table.

Below are resources and tools that are available for you to maximize your involvement in our strategic and policymaking efforts.

How business shapes OECD policymaking through us

Our national member organizations can nominate representative into committees that vitally affect business

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    Leadership opportunities

    For executive leadership of our national business organizations, we provide speaking engagement opportunities in high-level meetings with OECD and government leaders that have an impact on how business operates on the ground. Read more about these opportunities here:


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    Annual Activity Update - May 2022

    Discover how we shaped OECD efforts at all levels through Business at OECD in our Annual Activity Update 2022.


    Stay tuned for our Corporate Brochure 2022, which we will launch in September 2022.


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    Business opportunities

    Our national business members and observers can appoint their corporations and business associations to our policy groups, including in leadership positions—allowing them to also engage in official OECD Committees. Our national business members and observers can use these appointments strategically to provide additional value to their affiliated corporations and business associations.

    Our national business members and observers can also nominate their own staff to join our policy groups, including in leadership positions.