Health Committee



Olga Mironenko Stampfer

UnitedHealth Group
(United States)

Co-Secretariat Lead

Rokas Morkūnas

Policy Manager and Strategic Member Engagement


Co-Secretariat Lead

Minami Kakuda

Policy Expert and Executive Board Support


Michele Mestrinaro




Grzegorz Rychwalski

Medicines for Poland



Laurent Scheer

Pernod Ricard



Mark Burdon

World Pharmacy Council


  • 01.

    Why OECD Work on Health Policy Matters

    The OECD work on health provides governments with policy advice to address urgent health challenges and improve long-term resilience of health care systems. Its work on health is also influential at international level, including at WHO. The OECD fosters high-performing health systems by measuring health outcomes and use of resources as well as by analyzing policies that improve access, efficiency and quality of health care.

  • 03.

    How Business Engages with the OECD on Health Policy

    Our Health Committee represents various industries including biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, information systems, food and beverages, sports, and private hospitals. It actively contributes to the OECD’s health agenda by providing expertise and participating in expert groups. The committee holds bi-annual meetings, organizes regular conference calls, and hosts an annual Health Forum. These efforts aim to present industry priorities, engage with stakeholders, and identify policy solutions in the field of health.
  • 02.

    Our 2024 Priorities

    • Placing health as a key for economic resilience
    • Fostering innovation in the health sector, including use of health data
    • Ensure sustainability through value-based and person-centered health approaches
    • Applying lessons learnt for strengthening prevention and foster physical activity
  • 04.

    Our Engagement with OECD Bodies

    • OECD Health Committee
    • OECD Working Party for the OECD Patient Reported Indicator Surveys
    • OECD Working Party on Health Care Quality and Outcomes
    • OECD Expert Group on Economics of Public Health
    • OECD Expert Group on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
    • OECD Network on Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems