Thomas B. Cueni

IFPMA (Switzerland)


Rokas Morkūnas

Policy Manager and Strategic Member Engagement



Minami Kakuda

Policy Expert


Laurent Scheer

Pernod Ricard (France)


Olga Mironenko Stampfer

United Health Group (Ireland)

  • 01.


    Our Health Committee contributes the views and expertise of biopharmaceutical manufacturers, the medical device industry, the medical information systems and technologies sector, the food and beverages sector, the sports industry, and private hospitals to the OECD’s health agenda. The Committee meets bi–annually in Paris and schedules bi-monthly touchpoint conference calls to coordinate our input to various OECD expert groups on specific topics. It also proactively organizes high–level global fora on health and well–being to present cross–industry priorities to an audience from governments, business, academia, and patient organizations to identify policy solutions in the field of health.

  • 03.

    Business engagement at OECD

    The OECD work on health provides governments with policy options to address health challenges.
    Our Health Committee contributes to the work of the following OECD bodies:
    • OECD Health Committee
    • OECD Expert Group on Public Health
    • OECD Expert Group on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
    • Health Care Quality and Outcomes Expert Group
    • Network on Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems
  • 02.

    2023 priorities

    The Committee focuses on the OECD’s health agenda and proactive initiatives to explore how health policies can bridge gaps across government agencies and enable business-led contributions to better health outcomes.
    Over the past year, we organized events to examine our 5 business recommendations to the OECD on health in more detail and what they mean for OECD policy work, notably on addressing harmful alcohol consumption and digital health. Other ongoing topics discussed proactively with OECD and government officials include:
    • Pharmaceutical pricing and innovation
    • Reducing risk factors for non-communicable diseases
    • Promoting balanced nutrition and active lifestyles
    • Tackling harmful use of alcohol
    • Health systems sustainability