Trade Committee



Pat Ivory

Ibec (Ireland)


Dominik Kümmerle

Policy Director and Strategic Communications


Minna Aila

Neste Corporation (Finland)


Pascal Belmin

Airbus (France)


Jonas Berggren

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Sweden)


Marta Blanco

CEOE International (Spain)


Marco Felisati

Confindustria (Italy)


Ichiro Hara

Keidanren (Japan)


Elena Vyboldina

Eurometaux (Belgium)

  • 01.


    Our Trade Committee identifies existing problems, barriers, and protectionist measures based on its members’ on–the–ground expertise, and promotes its priorities through participation in OECD projects and activities. Our Trade Committee meets bi–annually in Paris, convenes additional thematic ad-hoc sessions, and organizes policy events in partnership with the OECD.

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    Business engagement at OECD

    OECD work on trade shapes international policymaking by raising awareness of existing problems and barriers to fair international competition – be it through research on global value chains, trade in value-added, or the flow of services. Building on its insights and evidence-based analysis, the Organization provides Trade Ministers and senior policy-makers with actionable policy recommendations. As the OECD also acts as a knowledge partner to international bodies, including the WTO, the G7 and G20, UNCTAD and APEC, it strongly influences debates among the world’s most important economies.
    Our Trade Committee contributes and provides access to the work of the following OECD bodies:
    • OECD Trade Committee
    • OECD Global Forum on Trade
    • OECD Working Party of the Trade Committee
    • OECD Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment

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    2023 priorities

    • Trade and responding to the Covid-19 pandemic
    • Strengthening the core principles of trade policy
    • Addressing specific issues of concern for trade policy
    • Advancing trade for the 21st century