Southeast Asia Contact Group



Phil O'Reilly

Iron Duke Partners (New Zealand)



Hiroki Waki

Policy Expert

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    The Indo-Pacific region accounts for nearly two-thirds of the global GDP and more than half of the global population, and with Southeast Asia at its core, commands an instrumental role in the global economy, serving as the hub for international maritime trade and key global value chains. In this regard, the OECD business community remains committed to fostering global progress in collaboration with Southeast Asia. Through the OECD-SEA Business Network, co-chaired by Business at OECD and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, we strive to enhance engagement and collaboration, identifying hurdles and opportunities to bolster business relations. 

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    Business engagement at OECD

    We actively engage in critical dialogues with businesses, policymakers, experts, and diverse stakeholders from Southeast Asia and the OECD. As Co-Chair of the OECD-SEA Business Network, we foster collaboration and encourage the dissemination of best practices. Our involvement serves as a conduit for valuable insights that can drive policy reforms in the region and streamline regional integration efforts. 
    - OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme (SEARP)
    - OECD Southeast Asia Ministerial Forum
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    2023 priorities

    • Enhance policy advocacy among the business community and organizations in the region
    • Share the good practice of how business organizations can conduct effective policy advocacy instruments
    • Foster partnerships for resilient and sustainable supply chains
    • Promote a competitive domestic and foreign investment environment in the region