Private Pension Expert Group



Pieter J. Kiveron

AkzoNobel N.V. (Netherlands) 



Jacobo Ramos-Folch

Policy Manager

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    Our Private Pension Expert Group covers economic and regulatory issues related to private pension schemes, sustainability of the schemes, funding, governance, protection of benefits, and financial education. The Covid-19 pandemic reinforced the need for a long-term perspective that can help prepare for future uncertainty through sustainable and flexible retirement savings schemes. The Expert Group advocates that regulation of pension plans must balance the interest of all stakeholders, including sponsor organizations. Business at OECD works to ensure that the policy guidance developed by the OECD on occupational pension defined benefit (DB) plans as well as defined contribution plans (DC) are aligned with the interest of employers as well as beneficiaries.

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    Business engagement at OECD

    The Covid-19 pandemic was a wake-up call to revisit the roles that our retirement saving systems can play in difficult times and to increase resilience against future shocks. This profoundly affected long-term growth projections and the availability of long–term finance. Investment policy shifts by national pension funds can have a substantial implication on the capital market, thus requiring close monitoring given the longer time horizon. Coordinating regulations of private pensions is a particular challenge to policy makers in the insurance and pensions industry.
    The Private Pension Expert Group contributes to the work of the following OECD body:
    • OECD Working Party on Private Pensions
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    2023 priorities

    • Sustainability and flexibility of the retirement saving systems
    • Economic and regulatory issues related to private pension schemes
    • The Core Principles of the Regulation of Private Pensions
    • The International Organization of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) discussions
    • Administration and financing of private pension programs