Finance Committee



Gianluca Riccio

Lloyds Banking Group

(United Kingdom)


Secretariat Lead

Jacobo Ramos-Folch

Policy Manager


Kent Andrews

Toronto-Dominion Bank (Canada)


Sanita Bajāre

LDDK (Latvia)


Sahra English

Citi (United States)


Sven Schönborn

Federation of German Industries - BDI (Germany)


Joan Rosás Xicota

CaixaBank (Spain)

  • 01.

    Why OECD work on Finance Policy Matters

    The OECD’s work on finance policy aims to foster financial stability, enable investment, and promotes transparent, cross-border financial systems. The Organization is well–placed to contribute analysis on financial markets through its whole–economy expertise and its focus on economic growth and stability. As neither a financial regulator nor an international lender, the OECD has an independent, unique perspective, and its contribution to the G20 is growing significantly.

  • 03.

    How Business engages with the OECD on Finance Policy

    The Business at OECD Finance Committee contributes private sector expertise and perspectives to OECD finance–related activities, including its work to support ESG, digital finance, and financial stability, in order to develop a strong and sustainable global financial system.

  • 02.

    Our 2024 Priorities

    • Strengthening the global financial system
    • Ensuring a coordinated approaches to financial regulation
    • Addressing regulatory burdens in sustainable finance and digital finance
    • Promoting innovation and financial inclusion