Export Credit Expert Group



Sandra Halver-Simons

SMS Group (Germany)



Jacobo Ramos-Folch

Policy Manager


Subha Nagarajan

General Electric (United States)


Matti Malminen

Konecranes Oyi (Finland) 

  • 01.


    Our Export Credit Expert Group advises the OECD on how to maintain the practicability and efficiency of official export credit support as a tool for export promotion. The priority is to avoid rules that unfairly disadvantage OECD exporters against competitors from emerging economies. The Expert Group engages with OECD on any export credit developments relevant to businesses (outreach, rail sector, ship sector funding, sustainable lending etc.).

  • 03.

    Business engagement at OECD

    The OECD sets terms and conditions for the use of export credit support in member countries. Through its fact–based analysis, the OECD helps policymakers assess the options, understand the new dynamics of world trade, identify new opportunities, and devise approaches to negotiations that can lead to a new era of trade and investment.
    The Export Credit Expert Group contributes to the work of the following OECD bodies:
    • OECD Working Party on Export Credits and Credit Guarantees
  • 02.

    2023 priorities

    • The future of the OECD Arrangement, including the implications of the Covid-19 crisis in this regard;
    • Down-payment;
    • Sustainable funding;
    • OECD Common Approaches on the Environment and Officially Supported Export Credits;
    • Outreach to non–OECD countries.