Environment and Energy Committee



Hans-Jörn Weddige

thyssenkrupp (Germany) 


Dominik Kümmerle

Policy Director and Strategic Communications


Massimo Beccarello

Confindustria (Italy)


William Garcia

CEFIC (Belgium)


Frits de Groot

VNO–NCW (Netherlands)


Luca Matrone

Intesa Sanpaolo (Italy)


Maria Sunér Fleming

Svemin (Sweden)


Tom Smith

Walmart (United States)


Hiroyuki Tezuka

JFE Steel Corp (Japan)


Alexander Keberle

economiesuisse (Switzerland)


Neil Walker

Ibec (Ireland) 

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    Our Environment and Energy Committee contributes private sector expertise to the OECD work on environmental policy design, including in the areas of climate change, resource efficiency, circular economy, biodiversity, and sustainable materials management. The Committee also liaises with other relevant international organizations, including with the International Energy Agency (IEA) – an autonomous body within the OECD framework.

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    Business engagement at OECD

    As an economic Organization that has committed itself to the horizontal integration of sustainable development considerations, the OECD makes an important contribution to global policy discussions on the environment. By focusing on economic analysis, it identifies policies that are both economically efficient and environmentally effective. The OECD also plays a key role in monitoring and analyzing evolving trends, providing fact–based policy recommendations built on objective research, and fostering synergies for informed policy–making. It provides fact–based input to global climate discussions, the G20, and discusses selected topics relevant to the UNFCCC negotiations.
    The Environment and Energy Committee contributes to the work of the following OECD bodies:
    • OECD Environment Policy Committee
    • OECD Working Party on Biodiversity, Water and Ecosystems
    • OECD Working Party on Climate, Investment and Development
    • OECD Working Party on Integrating Environmental and Economic Policies
    • OECD Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste
    • OECD Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment
    • OECD Joint Working Party on Agriculture and the Environment
    • OECD/IEA Climate Change Expert Group Global Forum
    • OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum
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    2023 priorities

    • ‘Green Recovery’ Programs from Covid-19
    • Trade, Climate Change and Sustainability
    • Environmental taxation
    • Green finance and taxonomies
    • Resource efficiency and circular economy
    • Innovation to address environmental and energy challenges