Education Committee



Charles Fadel

Center for Curriculum Redesign (United States)


Nicole Primmer

Deputy Executive Director, Policy and Strategic Engagement


Gerhard Riemer

Federation of Austrian Industries (Austria) 


Kate Brosnan

Kerry Group (Ireland)

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    Our Education Committee brings together the experience and perspectives of employers to support and help shape the OECD’s world renowned surveys, analyses, and recommendations in the area of education and skills. The ultimate objective is to spur policy reforms that increase the employability of individuals and good citizenship, including a focus on enhancing opportunity for youth. The Education Committee provides a unique channel through which to contribute to the OECD’s work and recommendations on education and skills, in light of the evolving learning and work environments created by digital transformations.

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    Business engagement at OECD

    Ensuring access to quality education for all and training to equip individuals with 21st century skills continues to be a top priority for business. We look to OECD as the global leader on statistics, evidence, surveys, and analysis of education policies to ensure that policies for education reflect labor market realities and advance opportunities for all, with particular focus on the digital transformation. OECD recommendations to governments and rankings of countries (such as the Program for International Student Assessment – PISA) contribute to national policy reforms and serve as an important basis for business dialogue with governments on education policies at the local level.
    The Education Committee contributes to the work of the following OECD bodies:
    • OECD Education Policy Committee – Selected sessions
    • OECD Center for Educational Research and Innovation – Governing Board
    • OECD Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies Board of Participating Countries
    • OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey Board of Participating Countries
    • OECD Program for International Student Assessment and Development Group
    • OECD Skills Strategy Advisory Group
    • OECD Group of National Experts on Vocational Education and Training
    • OECD Group of National Experts on School Resources
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    2023 priorities

    • Access to quality education and skills development for individuals of all ages
    • Education, skills and competencies for the digital economy
    • Curriculum reform
    • Vocational education and training (VET)
    • Teaching quality
    • Effective allocation of educational resources
    • Innovation in education
    • Evaluation and assessment
    • Higher education
    • Lifelong learning
    • Work based learning and apprenticeship