Anti-Corruption Committee



Nicola Allocca

Director Risk Management, Compliance and Business Continuity
Autostrade per l’Italia
BW 2 (4)


Benedikt Wiedenhofer

Policy Manager


Audrey Morin

Schneider Electric (France)


Umberto Baldi

Snam (Italy)


Rauno Hoffman

Novartis International AG (Switzerland)


Gerrie Lenting

Deloitte (USA)


Joseph Simon

Nilfisk (Denmark)


Erik Veltman

Rolls-Royce Deutschland-Civil Aerospace (Germany) 


Arturs Evarts

Amber Beverage Group (Latvia)

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    Our Anti-Corruption Committee supports OECD efforts to fight bribery and corruption, to foster integrity and ensure a global level playing field for business globally. It therefore advises the OECD on prevailing and emerging corruption risks, explores innovative approaches to address bribery and proactively encourages joint actions between OECD, business and governments. The Committee is also an active contributor to OECD’s work on ‘Trust in Business’ as well as B20 activities on compliance and integrity.

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    Business engagement at OECD

    The OECD, through its various instruments and tools, most notably the OECD Anti–Bribery Convention and the recently revised 2021 Recommendation on further combating bribery, is a leading institution in the international fight against corruption. The Anti-Bribery Convention is one of the most important international instruments to combat international bribery. It is focused on the supply side of bribery and has helped governments to pass laws formally criminalizing bribery, strengthen their existing regulations, and foster effective enforcement. Aside the OECD’s monitoring activities in the context of the Convention, the Organization also conducts research and analysis on a range of issues such as drivers behind corporate compliance programs, the demand side of bribery, and the prevalence of corruption in state-owned enterprises (SOEs).
    The Anti–Corruption Committee primarily contributes to the work of the following OECD bodies:
    • OECD Working Group on Bribery
    • OECD Anti–Corruption and Integrity Forum
    • OECD Trust in Business Forum
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    2023 priorities

    • Exploring the potential of new technologies for the fight against corruption
    • Understanding integrity risks in private and public sectors related to the Covid-19 crisis and fostering preparedness
    • Supporting SME buy-in for anti-corruption compliance efforts
    • Addressing the demand side of bribery and fostering public integrity
    • Fostering positive recognition of effective compliance systems and voluntary self–disclosure
    • Promoting public–private dialogue, collective action and high-level reporting mechanisms
    • Effective implementation of and further adherence to the OECD Anti–Bribery Convention
    • Development and implementation of B20 recommendations