Acting together globally



8. Glocal - Think Global and Act Local:


Local actions we take to fight corruption need to be both inspired by a global vision and adjusted to the specificities of local contexts 



9. Zero Tolerance:


Strive for zero tolerance against any form of corruption within all jurisdictions



10. Collective Action with a Multi-Stakeholder Approach:


Build alliances between corporations, public institutions and civil society organizations to fight corruption and level the playing field


Join our committee to contribute to our activities




Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)


Fight Against Facilitation Payments Initiative


The Fight Against Facilitation Payments Initiative (FAFPI) was started in 2018 in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Confederation of Danish Industry, companies, and NGOs. It is both a network for sharing and building best practice in the fight against facilitation payments and a data-driven initiative to confront the problem (see also the FAFPI webinars The Power of Collective Action and Power of Data in the Fight Against Corruption).



UN Global Compact Network Denmark


DI is a member of the UN Global Compact Network Denmark, largest network and learning environment in Denmark for sustainability in the private sector. Companies and organizations affiliated to the UN Global Compact commit to comply with ten universal principles based on international conventions and declarations and covering aspects of human rights, labor rights, climate & environment and anti-corruption.



Confederation of Finnish Industry (EK)


Anti-corruption cooperation network 


EK is an active member of the Finnish national Anti-corruption cooperation network. The network is the local anti-corruption body in Finland as required by many international conventions. All relevant ministries are involved (Justice, Finance, Economy and the Employment). The anti-corruption cooperation network is responsible for:


  • Promoting anti-corruption efforts
  • Preparing an anti-corruption strategy and action plan for Finland and promoting their implementation
  • Raising awareness of corruption, importance of anti-corruption efforts and anti-corruption guidelines in the central government, municipalities and private sector
  • Monitoring and promoting the implementation of international anti-corruption conventions and other international obligations
  • Participating in the definition of Finland's positions in matters related to corruption and its prevention and producing information to support decision-making
  • Following and promoting research on corruption. 




International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)


Anti-Corruption Advocacy Workbook for Professional Accountancy Organizations


This tool helps professional accountancy organizations (PAOs) take leading roles in the fight against corruption in their jurisdictions. Global Fight, Local Actions: Anti-Corruption Advocacy Workbook for PAOs equips PAOs and accountancy profession leaders with the background and framework to craft bespoke approaches and messages that best fit their jurisdiction and needs.






Siemens Integrity Initiative


The Siemens Integrity Initiative is the company’s overarching program to fight corruption and promote integrity. The initiative supports other organizations and projects that combat corruption and fraud through Collective Action. Together with other companies, the public sector, non-governmental organizations, academia, and civil society, Siemens supports long-term initiatives on international level and on the ground. Since 2009, Siemens has committed over USD 120 million to 85 Collective Action projects in more than 50 countries. More information can be found in the Siemens Integrity Initiative Annual Report.