Business for Ukraine

Business initiatives in support of and in response to Ukraine 
Russia’s war against the people of Ukraine is a deeply distressing moment for the world. We strongly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has led to thousands of people being killed and millions fleeing from the war. Beyond the ongoing humanitarian disaster, the economic damage is already being felt worldwide and risks becoming increasingly severe.  The mission of the OECD as a pathfinder and promoter of policies that preserve peace, democracy, rule of law, and individual liberties is more important than ever. Our business advocacy will be relentless to uphold these principles and support the OECD as we face challenging times.
In this context, we have collected input from our national members and constituents on business support for Ukraine, advice provided to their members, as well as policy messages in response to the conflict. The list is non-exhaustive and is based on input provided and publicly available information.
We also work closely with our Observer Organization the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Please register here for our upcoming virtual event Discussion on Ukraine: The role and needs of the private sector. The event agenda can also be viewed here.   


Initiatives from our members

Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise (SA)


Initiatives from our observers


Initiatives from our associate experts