OECD and governments

Business at OECD is the institutional and versatile voice of business in all aspects of OECD strategic and policymaking efforts.

We work closely with all industry sectors at global levels including from the consumer goods, energy, healthcare, and technology sectors through coordination with our 50+ national business bodies from OECD economies and beyond, including G20 and key non-member countries.

Our involvement goes from A to Z: we participate annually in the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting. A high-level business delegation conveys recommendations and insights as the OECD decides on its strategic orientations. We also submit a written overarching statement to Ministers that brings together business recommendations from our international network.

We also participate in over 100 OECD Committees and official bodies. We structure this involvement through our Business at OECD policy groups. Each of them brings global business representatives from national business organizations and multinational corporations. Our team in Paris drives coordination efforts and brings business delegations to convey views into these OECD groups.

Business-to-government dialogue is essential: as OECD and government officials we invite you to read our business recommendations and projects as we respond to major OECD initiatives.

Our policy groups

Our policy impact section succinctly shows our latest communications across business areas. It also connects you to our Paris-based team should you have any questions about our business engagement.